If your child has been implanted with the NuVasive MAGEC system, contact us today. You may be entitled to significant injury compensation.  

Has Your Child Been Implanted with The NuVasive MAGEC System for Scoliosis?

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NuVasive MAGEC® For Scoliosis Has Been Linked to Serious Complications

If your child suffers with early onset scoliosis, you need to be aware of some disturbing and dangerous complications that may be experienced with a newer type of grow-rod system. After being hailed as a safer alternative to traditional grow rods that are surgically implanted in young patients who suffer from early-onset scoliosis (EOS), research is showing the NuVasive MAGEC System can prematurely fail and cause serious complications in patient recipients. In fact, surgeons and researchers are reporting alarming results including:

  • Metal toxicity called metallosis
  • Premature breakage of the implant
  • Tissue injury and necrosis surrounding the implant
  • Revision surgeries to correct device breakage and failures

What is The NuVasive MAGEC System?

The MAGEC system uses adjustable, magnetic, titanium growing rods that can be lengthened using an external remote-control device instead of invasive surgery. Traditionally, rods used in the treatment of EOS had to be surgically distracted (lengthened) as the child grew. NuVasive promotes the MAGEC system as an alternative treatment in which the implanted rods can be distracted without surgery, thereby reducing risks of infections and surgical complications.

However, there have been numerous reports of the MAGEC system failing, breaking, damaging nearby tissue and muscle, and shedding metal debris into the body.

If your child has been implanted with the NuVasive MAGEC system, contact us today. You may be entitled to significant injury compensation.

Treatment for NuVasive MAGEC Complications

Children who experience serious complications like device failures, breakage, and metallosis may be forced to undergo revision surgery so doctors can attempt to repair the device, or extraction surgery so the device can be completely removed. 

These revision surgeries negate NuVasive’s claims that their MAGEC EOS device is safe and cost effective when compared to traditional treatments. To make matters worse, these additional surgeries are complex and expose young children to the very same risks that NuVasive said the device would decrease.

Has Your Child Been Implanted with the NuVasive MAGEC Device?

When medical devices don’t work as they should, the device maker has a legal obligation to warn the public and the healthcare community so that doctors and their patients can make informed decisions about the best course of treatment. 

NuVasive has failed to warn the medical community and their patients about the risks and complications that have been associated with the MAGEC magnetic controlled growing rods, causing some children who are implanted with the device to suffer serious and life-changing side effects and complications. Children may be forced to undergo risky revision surgeries which can take a horrible toll on their physical and emotional being.

If your child received the NuVasive MAGEC implant device and has suffered premature failures, tissue and muscle injuries, metal toxicity, or was forced to undergo additional surgeries to repair or remove the device, contact us now. We have been leading the fight against dangerous medical device makers, and we stand ready to fight for the rights of your child today.

No device manufacturer should take risks with the lives of the public, but it’s even worse if they design and market a device specifically for children when they know or should know that it could cause the child to suffer even more harm than the condition it was designed to treat. We don’t let medical device manufacturers get away with putting their bottom line before the lives of children, and we won’t let them get away with risking the health and wellbeing of your child.

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